Grading’s within Martial Arts are a controversial; originally the belt or Obi in Japanese was just to hold the Gi together. A white Obi became dirty over time, and as they are never washed the student’s belt colour reflected ‘time served’. These day’s when used correctly it serves to give the student a tangible goal to their training, linking the grade / belt system to a well considered and comprehensive syllabus.

The senior instructor at CMA is a fully qualified and experienced Teacher having completed the Certificate of Education (CertEd) year 1 and 2 in 2005. He is also an Assessor and Verifier (A1 and V1, TAQA IQA) So yes we do run BUDO grading’s but the syllabus is set up to be constructive and progressive as well as low cost. The following is an example of the first grade-

Stand Up Jab Reverse

Defensive / Offensive Posture

Front Kick Added To Combo
Grapple Front Rolling, Backward, Front, Side, Break Falls (Ukemi)

Underhook Pummelling Drill

Rear Naked Choke (Hadaka Jime)

Scarf Hold (Kesa Gatame)

Major Hip Throw (O Goshi)

Major Outer Reap (O Soto Gari)

Ground Mount And Escape

Open Guard And Escape

Shrimp Hip Escape


Sparring 1 X 2minute Stand Up
Fitness Burpee Sprawls 20

Press Ups 20

Sit Ups 20

Other Requires Boxing And/or MMA Gloves