Q. How much is a session and are there membership or joining fees like other groups?

A. Adults £6 and under 18’s £4, that’s it! We are not for profit and the most important thing to us is that YOU train and improve. Some people like to pay by direct debit or block book sessions, if that’s something you want to do please ask as discounts can be offered.

Q. What should I wear for the first lesson?

A. Track suit trousers and a Tee shirt is fine, bring a towel and water too!

Q. Do I need a licence?

A. Not straight away, find out if you enjoy a few sessions, if you want to grade and/or continue then licences are required to cover you for insurance; Adult students (15+) £16 per year and juniors £13. This comes with a grading record book and makes you part of the world renowned British Combat Association http://britishcombat.co.uk/

Q. What equipment will I need?

A. Again nothing to start, as you progress moisture wicking clothing is better to train in, MMA and Boxing gloves, shin pads as well as a mouth guard are important, a groin guard and gum shield are good too. We can sell you anything you want including clothing with out logo on but you won’t find it at all expensive, again we are .