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FREE sessions for ALL – Spread the word

Posted: December 10, 2016 by kentcma in Uncategorized

We have gained 2 sets of funding from Active Sussex in partnership with Sussex Downs College Sports Park, we are teaching FREE sessions to Disabled Students at Sussex Downs College, and 14-25 year old that are either disengaged from sport or who are on low incomes. We have MP Caroline Ansell on board and she is going to visit us and meet the students. We need you help to make the most of this opportunity and spread the word!

It has been proven that martial arts can help to rebuild damaged brain matter as it uses both side of the body. It can rebuild pathways between hemispheres, it also keeps you fit, flexible, increases strength and stamina, it helps confidence and you meet new friends with high morale values!! What more can you ask for FREE!?


FREE sessions

Posted: December 1, 2016 by kentcma in Uncategorized

Nothings ever FREE right? WRONG!! if you are; Between 14 and 25 years old? Out of work or on benefits? Tired of sitting on the sofa? Feeling fat or unfit? Being bullied? If you fit the funding criteria we will train you in Mixed Martial Arts FREE for 31 weeks! Contact Mick for details of sessions in Eastbourne NOW