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RDX to sponsor CMA!

Posted: March 17, 2016 by kentcma in Uncategorized

Wonderful news to have such a large and prestigious company as RDX come to us and offer a trade account and sponsorship for competing athletes from the club. Yes it’s a new location so far away from our old clubs that it’s a totally new start but YES there will be members of CMA entering MMA and stand up competitions at some point in the near future! Either way get in touch for great discounts on great products!


Well there were some advertising problems at the venue but we had a great start to the new location some 40 miles away from my previous clubs. We had 5 in total this week but expect the others to be able to make it next week, this should total 10. We have put some extra advertising in place including a Facebook campaign and ‘discussed’ the issues we faced with Sport Brighton.