About Our Club

CMA is a friendly MMA club which trains in a mixture of Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Semtex Muay Thai and western Boxing and Kick Boxing. Our real ethos is street defence but to this end have found that MMA based training is good for the members as offers a street useful method as well as being good fro use in the competitive arena.
We have all ages# (#Minimum age currently is 14 but all cases will be dependant on ability to fit in with the rest of the group) and abilities and do no push anyone to compete or fight. There are no BIG egos as you will find at some clubs. We all train to improve and for the love of the arts we practice. We now have 60 M squared (650 square feet) of Mats plus lots of other equipment to meet all your training requirements.
We offer cost price equipment to all members so that it is a training route that is affordable for all.
We have regular on site and off site courses and competitions which are subsidised as we are a not for profit organisation. We are now also linked with SSBK and attend their Judo summer camp each year.

Training Sessions-
*Every Thursday @ 8.15pm to 9.45pm in StapleHurst Village Hall – TN12 0BJ

*Most Tuesdays @ 6.30 to 8.30 in Hunton Village Hall – ME15 0RR

*We have other sessions available to us including BJJ, Judo, Muay Thai and Kick boxing, these sessions are available so that members can train EVERY DAY as well as private sessions so we truly do offer a 100% opportunity to advance in all aspects of fighting, fitness, strength and stamina.


Combat Martial Arts. Affiliated to to the very well known and respected British Combat Association – britishcombat.co.uk and is part of the S.S.B.K Judo and Budo Association.

Strong ethics of diversity and equality mean this is great for all ages#, male or female.

Skills and techniques taken from various combative fighting disciplines including; Karate, Semtex Muay Thai, Jujitsu, Aikido, Judo, Western Boxing and Kick Boxing, and more. We have a resident Muay Thai Instructor teaching the Semtex method once a month / six weeks.

The founder has over 36 years’ experience in various Martial Arts starting with Judo in 1978 and has since trained in a wide range of fighting arts holding 4th Dan Budo and 3rd Dan Shotokan Karate, he also spent time working Night Club Doors and as a serving Kent Police Officer. Current members include 3rd Dan Karate, 2nd Dan Karate Two 1st Dans Karate, and various grades in other disciplines such as BJJ and judo.

For further details call Mick 07833 723 590 leave a message as the mobile signal is very bad in Staplehurst, 01580 892391 or email mickpoil.combatmartialarts@gmail.com put CMA in your email subject so I can prioritise you.